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U Logistique Selects Profroid Technology to Improve Energy Efficiency and Sustainability at Logistics Warehouse

U Logistique Selects Profroid Technology, Installed by SOFI SUD, to Improve Energy Efficiency and Sustainability at Logistics Warehouse! 

AUBAGNE, France, March 4th 2022 - U Logistique, a grocer retailer cooperative, has selected Profroid and SOFI SUD for the extension of its refrigeration installations at its logistics warehouse in Vendargues (34) in southern France. 

The logistics warehouse is now equipped with Profroid CO2OLtec® Evo technology using carbon dioxide (CO2), a natural refrigerant with low global warming potential (GWP), making it more sustainable and environmentally responsible. 

Profroid is part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), the leading global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building and cold chain solutions. 

Profroid collaborated with SOFI SUD (SYCLEF Group) for the project, consisting of racks for a total refrigerated surface of 5,566 square meters and a volume of 55,000 cubic meters of mechanized storage. The office of C. Garcia provided design support on the project. These racks use the patented CO2OLtec Evo technology with modulating ejectors assisted by a CO2 pump to achieve high energy efficiency whatever the climate and the application. The system reduces energy consumption by more than 80% and is easier to maintain when compared to a traditional R134A installation. The ejectors allow the compressors to draw at higher pressures and to operate with very low superheat at the cooling stations. In addition to the CO2OLtec Evo technology, the energy performance of this installation has been optimized by SOFI SUD's engineering teams with the implementation of the following solutions: 

  • Operation of the cooling stations in semi-flooded mode 
  • Compressors equipped with line start permanent magnet motors 
  • Evaporators equipped with electronically commutated fans 
  • Hot water defrosting of evaporators by heat recovery
"This collaboration with U Logistique and SOFI SUD is a great opportunity for Profroid to promote its CO2OLtec Evo technology, especially for temperate to hot climates where energy efficiency is unmatched," said Patrick Dandrieux, Technical and Commercial Support Director, Profroid. "If we compare the energy consumption of this installation to an installation equipped with a water chiller running on R134A on the same site for the same surface and annual period, U Logistique notes a decrease of more than 80% in energy consumption." The two CO2OLtec Evo outdoor units provide 459 kilowatts each at -6 C evaporation and 36 C outdoor temperature. They are each equipped with a 1200-liter tank and a heat recovery of up to 570 kW at 25/35 C to feed the evaporator defrosting circuit. 
CO2OLtec Evo technology is part of Carrier's healthy, safe and sustainable cold chain program, which provides fresh food and medicine to people around the world and ensures the safe storage and transportation of critical vaccines through advanced connectivity and visibility. To learn more, visit or


Founded in 1961, PROFROID is a European leader in the production of refrigeration equipment, offering a complete range of condensing units, central units and heat exchangers. With engineering expertise and commercial responsiveness, PROFROID provides innovative, energy efficient and sustainable solutions for commercial and industrial applications. PROFROID is part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), the leading global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building and cold chain solutions. More information at or follow us on Twitter: @SmartColdChain. 

About U Logistique 

U Logistique is a French retailer cooperative. The cooperative group brings together the Hyper U, Super U, U Express and Utile banners, a network of local stores present in both urban and rural areas. 


SOFI SUD is a company specializing in the field of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating, both in terms of new works, rehabilitation of existing installations and in the framework of maintenance, servicing and repairs (24/7). SOFI SUD assists its clients in the deployment of sustainable solutions that respect the regulatory framework: - Natural refrigerants (CO2, NH3, hydrocarbons) - Energy performance and optimization SOFI SUD is part of the SYCLEF group, a fast-growing national group, a major player in the industrial and commercial refrigeration and HVAC sectors, comprising of 850 employees across 41 locations throughout France.