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PROFROID's CO2OLtec® Evo CO2 Refrigeration Technology Eligible for Energy Saving Certificates!

PROFROID's latest generation of transcritical carbon dioxide (CO2 ) refrigeration rack using CO2OLtec® Evo technology is eligible for Energy Saving Certificates (CEE). Installations following the energy saving standard operation sheet BAT-EQ-117 can receive a one-time payment for energy savings, expressed in kWh Cumac.

CO2OLtec Evo technology is for commercial refrigeration applications and uses CO2, a natural refrigerant with a low global warming potential (GWP). “The CEE forms encourage the industry to use technologies that reduce energy consumption and reuse thermal energy that is usually lost, which is why CO2OLtec Evo technology is eligible for the credit. Thanks to its patented modulating ejectors and heat recovery capabilities, it can generate up to 30% energy savings per year compared to a standard transcritical system." said Gaël Grenat, Marketing Director, PROFROID. To be eligible, the installation must meet all the conditions of the BAT-EQ-117 operation sheet, including: 

  • Replacing existing installation using the refrigerant R404a in the primary circuit or in the entire installation for positive or negative cooling or both.
  • Food distribution premises, "drive" type withdrawal points or refrigerated warehouses that have existed for more than two years. 
  • Supplying estimate, invoice and proof of the realization of the operation.
This form is in addition to the other forms already eligible: BAT-TH-112 (electronic speed variation), BAT-TH-134 (floating HP control system), BAT-TH-139 (heat recovery) and BAT-TH-145 (floating LP control system).