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F-Gas Regulation

Current and future changes in refrigeration

With the 2014 implementation of the EU F-Gas Regulation and its upcoming revision, the commercial refrigeration market is changing. These changes will affect the environmental impact of the industry in terms of products, training of installers and work habits.

In this context it is important to be aware of the regulatory implications and to ask the appropriate questions in order to choose a refrigeration solution that is sustainable and will not be at risk of being limited in the future.

Among the solutions offered by PROFROID, systems using (CO₂) as a refrigerant, offer the best balance of total life cycle cost, cooling performance, energy recovery, environmental impact and regulatory compliance.

As a pioneer in sustainable refrigeration systems, PROFROID can support its customers and consultants, whether it is for the identification of a technical solution adapted to the need, training of the installation teams, commissioning and system troubleshooting.

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