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CCRSH - CCBSH semi-hermetic
«CCRSH - CCBSH COPELAND - COMPRESSOR PACK SYSTEMS - SEMI-HERMETIC STREAM   CCRSH - CCBSH semi-hermetic • 2 to 6 semi-hermetic Copeland STREAM 4 and 6 cylinders (4M and 6M)   • Designed to be installed directly in technical room.   • Application : - CC B : Low temperature R404A and R407F. Evaporating temperature -40°C to -25°C. ...»
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CKR SH - CKB SH Octagon
«CKR SH - CKB SH COMPRESSOR PACK SYSTEMS   CKR SH - CKB SH Octagon 2 to 4 semi-hermetic Octagon® Bitzer compressors. Medium temperature R404A application : CKR…ZC version. 4EC-4.2Y to 4NCS-20.2Y type compressors. Ester oil BSE 32 or EAL 32. Low temperature R404A application : CKB…ZC version. 4EC-4.2Y to 4NCS-12.2Y type compressors. Ester oil BSE 32 or EAL 32. Pack ...»
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CCRH - CCBH Scroll
«CCR H - CCB H COMPRESSOR PACK SYSTEMS   CCRH - CCBH Scroll 2 to 4 hermetic Copeland «Scroll» compressors. Medium temperature R404A application : CCR…ZC version. ZB15 to ZB114 type compressors. Ester oil EAL 22 CC. Low temperature R404A application : CCB…ZC version. ZF09 to ZF48 with additional cooling by liquid injection. Ester oil EAL 22 CC. Pack with tot ...»
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«FLEXICO2OL CASCADE COMPRESSOR PACK SYSTEMS   FlexiCO2OL Compressor pack systems low temperature R744 R134a cascade with : 2 to 4 semi-hermetic Octagon Bitzer compressors. 1 evaporator-condenser plate heat exchanger R744 R134a. 1 integrated R744 horizontal liquid receiver. As an option : Electrical cabinet integrated in frame. To run, cascade packs from this leaflet have to be ...»
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«  CombiCO2OL CombiCO2OL HYBRID CASCAD STACKED REFRIGERATION RACKS    • The hybrid CombiCO2OL racks are built by stacking a R134a MT rack and a LT R744 LT rack together     with a receiver and evaporators-condensers.   With :   • 2 to 4 semi-hermetic Ecoline® Bitzer compressors for the MT rack   • 1 to 3 semi-herm ...»
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