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New "QUIETOR SH" low noise condensing unit
"QUIETOR SH" : The new range of low noise packaged air cooled condensing units with high energy performances. "QUIETOR SH" is featuring Octagon semi hermetic compressor and propose a range of models extended from 1 to 40 Kw with noise levels starting from 32dba in 10 m.

The new range of air cooled packaged condensing "QUIETOR SH" are ready to use units specially dedicated for low noise applications with external installation
Integrating a semi hermetic Octagon compressor, the new "QUIETOR SH" offers a wide selection of models ranging from 1 to 40 Kw with noise levels starting at 32dba in 10 m. Completing our existing Quietor range with Scroll compressor, the "QUIETOR SH" is keeping their features while focusing on the improvement of the energetical efficiency.

Reliability and robustness design based:

  • Oven painted metal body 
  • Double condensers fan on any model
  • High quality components


Ease of installation and proven maintenance:

  • Reduced footprint
  • Direct access to sight glass and liquid valve
  • Compressor compartment noise insulated and separated from the air flow
  • Frontal access to the safety & controls devices
  • Contactor and thermal relays integrated in the electrical cabinet and possible optional protection for several coolers


Energy performance meeting tomorrow expectations:       

  • Semi hermetic compressor with high COP, specifically for low temperature application
  • Electronic speed controlled fan motor
  • Condenser largely sized for a better COP
  • Optional : Frequency drive speed controller on the compressor to adapt to variable loads


Finally, a wide range of option complete the possibilities of application of the "QUIETOR SH "range.

  • Oil separator & oil level controller
  • Separately delivered liquid solenoid valve
  • Remote room control by electronic regulator
  • Unit remote control box 
  • R134a on request

Our teams are available to answer to any additional questions on the "QUIETOR SH" and other PROFROID products.

The detailed documentation of "QUIETOR SH" is attached and will allow you to select the model best suited to your different applications.


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